About Vega

As a modern day mystic, Vega provides intuitive consulting through tarot readings. Her years of training with spiritual teachers at The Sword and the Rose and The Sacred Well in the San Francisco Bay Area, have resulted in a strong connection with cosmic guides. Vega has spent years sharpening her intuition into a professional tool to decipher the messages present to us each day. In tune with her inner wisdom, the natural world, and the cosmos, she channels the universal flow and manifests magic through her tarot readings, crystal consultations, group workshops, and rituals. Vega offers fun and loving insights into your current situations and clarity on next steps for your personal growth and spiritual fulfillment. She creates personalized remedies and rituals based on your individual needs and a belief that we are all made of pure magic. After a consultation with Vega, you will be left with plenty of juicy insights to guide you on your path for months to come. If you’re ready to invite transformation and light into your life, then you’ve found the spiritual guide for you!


Vega is available for in person consultations in Thousand Oaks, Ventura County. Online and phone consultations are always also available for clients around the world.


To schedule a session: Call 805-669-6464 or Email vega {at} vegaofthevalley {dot} com