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 Intuitive Consultant

for Living in Light

Your session includes a customized experience of intuitive guidance, tarot card insights, astrology, and crystal healing. Tools used are based on the heart of your questions and what your higher self seeks to receive in the present moment.




60 Minute Session



Preparing for your session:

Intuitive consultations with Vega are beneficial for those open to walking a spiritual path committed to healing, personal growth, and transformation. Vega offers clear guidance on the energies influencing your current situation and how to work with them to manifest desired outcomes. She holds space for you, as you recognize and release limiting beliefs and old patterns, so that you may move towards your dreams with ease and grace. You will leave with a choice of next steps forward on your path, and how to powerfully synchronize them with cosmic forces.

The future is a fluid flow dependent on many external factors. No reputable professional psychic will guarantee a certain outcome during a reading, as all possibilities and potential outcomes are not always revealed.


The work then, is to go within and connect to inner wisdom and intuition to guide your actions in creating your vision. Vega is a gentle spiritual companion that supports you in accessing your own intuition and true authentic power, so that you are co-creating your reality from a place of alignment within your soul.

Revolution, radical change, and transformation all begin within, and as interconnected beings, we are all in this together. We heal the world by healing ourselves.