Spring Season + Chaos 2020

Greetings, My Wild Wild Ones,

“Hold onto your pantalones” is a bit of advice I share during my work with private clients who are undergoing massive transformation. Usually, the client is calling forth this great change, and seeks me out for insight, guidance, and support on their journey. What are pants these days anyways? I am finally living my No Pants dream life.

Spring sprung with the equinox on March 19th in the Northern Hemisphere, and along with it, a new life burst forth undeniably for each and everyone of us on planet Earth. It certainly is not the new life we pictured, and yet, we are reminded that life is mysterious.

For me, as with many of you, this time is a roller coaster of emotions, change, and action. I am wrapping my head around this new reality that quickly descended upon us. I am holding the hurt in my heart, born from not being able to be with my most loved ones and holding them tight in a time like this. I am strategically gathering supplies, while resisting the urge to fall into fear and scarcity mentality and hoarding tendencies.

I am planning to ensure that the elderly and most vulnerable of my family members are cared for and protected. I am letting go of my part time job, and joining the free fall into financial uncertainty. I am balancing the gratitude I have for being safe, home, warm, and fed, with the guilt of knowing so many do not have this privilege.

The moments I can create for stillness and going within, are spent listening to what is needed as appropriate and inspirational healing at this time. Like many healers and spiritual guides, I am now challenged to adapt my offerings to fit the needs of the community while quickly shifting energies abound. I reflect on my work over the years, wondering if I have been assisting in preparing spiritual hearts for this time of immense rebirth. And, indeed I have.

We are ready for what lays before us. This is the path we must travel, as it is the path that greets us each morning. Universal intelligence still reigns, and we lay our faith and trust before its unconditional love for us. We are reminded that we are loved, protected, and guided always, now more so than ever. It is time to lean on and call forth our mighty Ancestors, as they are with us now in legions.

We may be physically distant from each other, yet we are more globally united than ever before. So we call forth, across the globe and through time and space, all the mighty Ancestors of blood, land, and cosmos to stand together to watch over Earth Mother and all her precious children. Indeed, Grandmothers’ prayers are protecting us still.

We all face Uncertainty with a capital U right now. Chaos swirls all around. The work is to stay grounded in our sacred body temples, and nurture calm and peace from within, so that we may create peace in our external world and environment.

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” - Sun Tzu

From that place of calm within, we can start to see the new opportunities available to us. During chaos, we witness what we think is impossible becoming possible on a daily, if not hourly, basis. One of the most powerful actions we can take now, is to learn how to dance with chaos energy so that, we too, can pull our impossible dreams and visions out of the cosmos, and land them here into our 3-D reality on earth. It is the same energy. How we move with it and what we weave out of it, is our POWER and MAGIC.

Allow for quickly changing visions, as priorities and purpose are shifting to match our re-fortified values. Be flexible on what needs to be released, and welcome what is coming as replacement, so that your vision is updated, relevant, and needed by the collective.

We are lovingly being guided in this moment. Tune into your heart compass and listen. Whether you are out in the world dealing with chaos, or at home sitting with the chaos within, know that it is our soul purpose to BLOOM amidst the chaos. Seasons and cycles still come and go.

Stayed tuned for upcoming Cosmic Updates on how to dance this new wild dance. I am mindful of my own needs for care, rest, and comfort, so that I may show up to shine my light as brilliantly as possible. We are together in spirit and heart always, and I feel it deeply now.

Reporting live from the inside,