Full Moon in Leo + Aquarius Season

Grandmother Moon reaches her full glory in the sign of Leo on Saturday, February 8th at 11:33pm PT. This Leo full moon is the first of four supermoons in a row, so it is packing a punch that will reverberate through the coming months. Leos are the zodiac’s showboats, superstars, playa’s, and beauty queens. These big cats shine their light to be seen, and with a ferocious ROAR, they unleash their undeniable truths, born from deep within their courageous hearts.

Use this potent full moon energy to allow your spirit to roar! Release all that prevents you from using your voice as a powerful tool for acknowledging your truth, and creating your dream reality. Be seen. Strut your stuff sans shame. Holla out to the world who you are, and what you are here to create!

Finally, we find ourselves in February, riding the giant cosmic wave that Aquarius season brings. Aquarians are our spacey air(element)heads, and the fiercest visionaries of the zodiac! It is time to get cosmic, focus on all things future, and tap into your intuition. Allow Universe to whisper a new dream to you. Listen to what Creator may be telling you is your next step toward your divine destiny. Pray to Ancestors for their guidance, wisdom, and protection. Let those who come in unconditional love visit you in the dreamtime. Ask them questions, start a dialogue.

I believe in the slow warm up to a new year. We are bears, deep in hibernation. We are barren branches, skeletons freed of flowers and flesh. We are cold, dark nights at home with the heaters on. We are still recovering from 2019. We need sleep, silence, solitude, and introspection.

It is not necessary to jump out of bed on January 1st to hit the gym, and go full force at your goals. Let intentions, visions, and dreams reveal themselves to you through dreamtime, quiet, and stillness. Go deep, deep, deep, deep within your wild lionheart.

Although, I get it. We exist and function within structures and systems that are so utterly unnatural. So, we may feel the push-pull of being out in the world, getting stuff done, while yearning to get back to our bed as quickly as possible. We must find a balance, and I urge you to honor your natural cycle, and Earth Mother’s cycle, because that will be paramount in 2020 and beyond.

We work from the inside out. We are no longer internalizing external cycles that are not true for us, our heart, spirit, or soul. Starting now, this is the work we begin to do at a deep, deep, deep, deep level.

Journal, channel, sleep, daydream, space out, stare off into the sunset, go for a walk, get outside for fresh air...in these moments Aquarian energies work their magic into our consciousness. Do your part, and make the space to allow this process to happen.

Currently, we are buried underground, protected by darkness. Metamorphosis has begun, and the process may be uncomfortable, confusing, unsettling, liberating, and a time of a lot of NEW. New people, new experiences, new emotions, new jobs and homes, new beginnings. It is wise to try something new, or better, many new things right now. Try something new that you are afraid you are going to suck at. Do that. Suck. Suck until you get better.

Use this Aquarius season to get in touch with your future. What future do you see for yourself? What future are you creating? Our futures are coming for us at a rapid speed, and they are much closer than we think. Envision a new future for yourself that is full of inspiration, joy, and a whole lot of wild heart! And it shall be, by divine decree.

Reporting live,