Sagittarius Season 2019

Welcome to Sagittarius season and its energies of fiery boldness, crisp clarity, and pristine precision! The sun moved into the sign of Sagittarius on November 22nd, bringing in a boost of new warm energy to get our engines starting again. After a rough Scorpio death season and Mercury Retrograde, we dry our tears, get ourselves out of bed, and begin to stoke our inner fire, nurturing it back to its bright glory.

This past Mercury Retrograde, which will be fully out of its shadow period on December 7th, provided the opportunity for us to review our progress up until this point, revise our game plan, and recalibrate our focus. The process of resolving and purging all those deep seeded thought patterns and behaviors that no longer serve us, has left us empty, and able to begin anew without the clutter of the past. We emerge from this time of respite, ready to aim for our targets with a swift, graceful precision.

The New Moon in Sagittarius on November 26th, delivered a gust of fresh air energy, and the chance to begin a new cycle with a clean slate. We are given a moment of crisp clarity about the new dream reality we are willing to create for ourselves. We turn to face our True North, and launch our arrows towards its horizon.

Sagittarius is the seeker, traveler, visionary, and discoverer of the new worlds within and outside of ourselves. As the archer, Sagittarius finds solid footing, keeps their eye on the prize, and shoots their arrow with confidence into the bright and hopeful future. This natural explorer seeks the kind of adventure that can only be experienced by traveling into uncharted territories.

It is time to dream BIG in every area of your life. What is your dream relationship, dream home, dream career, dream social circle, dream lifestyle? Take a big breath of this fresh cosmic air and envision these things for yourself with a clarity and honesty that honors your true heart’s desires. Then with a steadfast stance and a calm confidence, launch your arrow straight into your dream future that is rushing head on to meet you. This window of clear skies and calm winds will not last long, so take your aim and shoot!

The new moon in December takes place on the same day as a solar eclipse, and thus, opens the door for another 6-month eclipse portal of transformation. And with a heavy duty Capricorn season fast approaching, it will be about doing the WERK. If you are to dream big, you must be willing to act big for yourself and your goals. You are being asked to take responsibility for every area of our life, and to show up as the dream YOU.

With multi-planetary action in Capricorn taking place in January, we will all be pushed to be persistent and laser-focused goats, making our way slowly and steadily up our mighty mountains of success. We are to walk the walk of our upgraded selves right into 2020, where our new realities await us. But we must be courageous enough to emit the vibrational match that grounds our versions of heaven here on earth.

Reporting live,