Scorpio Season 2019

When this Scorpio season descended upon me, I found myself driving for hours, and hours, and hours out to the middle of the desert to bury my old self. Many moons ago, a sacred sister shared a ritual with me that I have come to call, Proper Burial for Freedom. It entails crafting by hand, a small doll that represents an old version of yourself that you are ready to release. Then, you give this petite replica of yourself a full and proper burial that honors the journey you have traveled, up until this point.

As I gathered sticks in the desolate desert to make my doll, the materials seemed primitive and brittle, yet so full of Earth Mother’s wisdom that death too becomes new life. I tenderly crafted my doll, and as she began to embody my likeness and spirit, I fell in love with her in a way that before her physical existence, I was not able to allow for myself.

In her finished form, I adored her! I wanted to keep her and take her back home with me, because she was precious and sacred. The voice of my sacred sister came to me, and gently reminded me that this ritual is powerful, precisely because it is an exercise in non-attachment. In order for life to flow and express itself, that which belongs to the world of death must be released.

I realized that this version of myself that was once vital to my survival in the past, was no longer relevant for where I am going now, and so, I started digging her grave. A proper burial requires a proper grave, dug deep enough to ensure that the dead are not disturbed by curious creatures, or the harsh desert seasons of wind, rain, snow, and extreme cold and heat. I lowered my doll-self into her grave, and with each scoop of dirt that fell from my hands and covered her small body, I said goodbye.

Before, all I could focus on were her failures and mistakes, born from her deep seeded dysfunctions. But when it came time to let go of my past self, I finally found the compassion to eulogize the strength, courage, resolve, and resilience born from her wild heart. Through this dark beauty, I become my own ancestor.

I thanked her for everything she had done to get me to where I am now. I would not be the person I am today without her, and she has done more than a bad-ass job of strategically positioning me for the expanded new life that awaits at the sunrise of my rebirth.

Upon my return from the desert, I was greeted with wildfires, dickmatizing Scorpio passion, and heartbreak. Grief, anger, fear, sadness, and a sense of relief exploded from my heart and flowed through my tears. Knowing that these feelings are actually the fertilizer for new life is of some comfort as we journey through death. But what is the true guiding light, is the knowledge that the life-death-rebirth cycle allows us the freedom to become more of who we are in truth.

Scorpio season and death are oh so necessary because they initiate internal transformation. We are guided to release that which no longer needs to be a part of our lives so that we may be free. This may be anything from a past relationship to dreams and visions that once had a motivating purpose, but are no longer aligned with the current trajectory of our divine destiny.

It may be an outdated pattern of behavior, or the spirit of a lost child or loved one that has passed on and left your life, or the ghost of unmet expectations. Allow proper burial to take place, knowing that you are loved and protected through the process, and that there is nothing to fear, and everything to gain.

Reporting live with a raw and tender heart,