Super New Moon in Libra + Fall Equinox

On September 23rd, in the northern hemisphere, we welcomed the fall equinox which ushered in its energies of balance, stillness, and inward introspection. The shift from summer heat into the cool, dark embrace of the fall season can be an ornery one!

We are reminded that darkness is coming, time is passing, and the end of the year is fast approaching. You may have noticed that last week, others, or you yourself, have been extra flustered, out of sorts, impatient, or easily irritated.

The leaves are leaving us, and soon, like the trees, we will be laid bare. It is difficult and uncomfortable to lose and let go in our lives. That which we are glad to be rid of brings us grief, just as much as, reluctant goodbyes that break our hearts. Some aspects of our lives are withering and dying, and we are being asked to stay in stillness to honor this release.

Luckily, the Super New Moon in Libra on September 28th, brings us a bit of salve as we begin our journey into the darkness. This new moon opens a portal for healing and transformation. It provides a gateway into a new reality. The path beyond the threshold of this gateway, is the same path that we’ve been traveling on, the only difference is its vibration is higher. It is a step up, as much as it is a step through.

We are gaining ground, and as we step up to the next level, we have a new vantage point from which to view our current situation. From higher ground, our perspective widens and we get to see further than we did before. This new information helps us make sense of the bigger picture of our lives, and our role in the cosmic web that connects all that is.

As we travel on our unique spiritual paths, the magnitude of our descension into the shadowland, is directly reflected in the altitude of our inevitable ascension toward divine light. By dutifully journeying into the dark underworld, upon our return, we are gifted with range.

Use the cleansing energy of this new moon to further release what is weighing you down, and preventing you from reaching the mountain top. Excavate old pains, traumas, and unhelpful beliefs, and dislodge them from the way you talk to yourself and move in the world. Travel lighter so that this next leg of your journey can allow for more ease, wonder, and joy.

The shifts happening now are undeniably noticeable. Relationships, careers, money matters, where we live, or the state of our health may change overnight. To be flexible and agile in how you see yourself and what you are capable of, is the Universe’s great gift this season. The Universe knows we each possess profound wisdom and unflappable strength at our core, which is why it is amping up the cosmic energies to move us towards a higher consciousness.

2020 promises to be a mind-altering and life-transforming year. During the month of October, we will begin to feel the stirrings of what is to come in the new year that is at our doorstep. Use these last few precious months of 2019 to get correct in your relationship with yourself, other people, work, money, food, and the world at large.

Voice and draw the boundaries needed for your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health, in a way that is compassionate, yet firm. From this place of balance, may we step into the next decade as even more powerful creators, visionaries, and heart warriors!

Reporting live,