Black Super New Moon in Leo

The Black Super New Moon in Leo arrives on July 31st at 8:11pm PDT. A black moon is the name given to the second new moon to take place in a single calendar month. A super moon means the moon is up close to the earth, making its vibrations and energies extra palpable. It is time to dry those tears from the weepy Cancer waters we just left behind, and get ready to ROAR into Leo season!

The eclipses in July brought fires of transformation, and we now rise from the ashes, rebirthed into the next level version of ourselves. Leo’s big cat energy means settling into our new skin with confidence, unapologetically so, after so much insecurity and doubt was stirred up for us to be released once and for all. We know who we are, the light and the dark, the pretty and the ugly, the mundane and the weird. And we take ownership of it ALL.

Leo rules the heart, so as we take on greater leadership in the direction of our lives, we let this vital, blood pumping organ lead the way. We are to follow where our passions lead us. Anything less will leave us deeply unsatiated. We want the fresh, juicy, dripping chunks of life that truly satisfy our wild and hungry soul. Roam far and wide through the pridelands to find what ignites your soul and pounce on it with focus, agility, and ferocity. A successful hunt is assured!

We tap into our courageous lion heart and remember from a deep down primal place that we always know what is best for ourselves. No one knows you better than you know yourself. You know what is right, you know which way you need to travel and what you need to do. Shine your light brighter than ever, and those who don’t like it, or aren’t comfortable with it, have already been eclipsed out of your life anyways, so SHINE ON, baby!

We have expanded greatly over the course of this year, and this period in August stabilizes our expansion. We gain more solid footing, and we prowl sure-footed into unknown and new territory. Leos are all about having fun, showboating, and PLAY. Get in your summer fun while summer is still here!

Connect with those who make your spirit soar, get outside, laugh, eat, stay hydrated, allow joy to permeate through your physical body, and repeat. Shine your expanded, open-hearted energy out to the Universe, and a deluge of love and bliss will be mirrored back to you tenfold...or more! Play on, playa’!

Reporting live,