New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Woo-WHEE, cosmic siblings! It is July. It is a New Moon in Cancer. It is a total solar eclipse. It is the summer season. It is the official beginning of the end of the year. The year is 2019. In six months physical realm linear time, it will be 2020. The heat is ON.

On July 2nd, the New Moon in Cancer flows into a dry and warming landscape. Relief and grief. Flow and pull. Under and gasping. Swirling and repetitive. The soft underbelly of our emotional bodies are exposed from their protective shells, and venerable in their exquisite vulnerability. Let water heal you. Cry release, submerge your body in water, swim, shower, stand in a river, drink more water.

Water is life. Honor the human totality of your feelings, as you honor the sacred waters that flow from Earth Mother to create new life. It is a karmic time, and deep karmic wounds are being revealed for healing. Whether you are conscious or this process or not, it is happening. The new moon supports new life and new beginnings. The deeper we dig, the higher we soar. We going DEEP. We soaring HIGH.

On the same day as the new moon, there is also a total solar eclipse, that kicks off a six month transformative eclipse portal. It is the Ace of Wands card energy from the tarot deck. It is the Divine Flame lit under your Most Divine Booty. Are situations getting unbearably uncomfortable? Can you not sit still because it burns? Are you sweating? Then use that mighty fire energy to motivate you to jump up off it, and into a new direction. A direction that soothes, that cools, that calms and brings balance to your ferocious heart.

We each have the opportunity to find this new path for ourselves now. A path that offers the new kinds of support needed, to uplevel and upgrade. You cannot, and will not, see the new path. You do not need, nor are you required to pave the new path. You ARE the path. Look up. Find the North Star in the dark night of your soul. Turn towards the direction of your True North, and take one step. Take one step each day for the next six months of your eclipse portal journey. Babysteps are ok, encouraged, and the solid foundation of the most powerful sovereign heart warriors.

The Universe is constantly expanding, and as beings that are one with the Universe, we too, are expanding at cosmic speeds. This summer, the incoming cosmic forces combine to support great expansion on a personal, collective, global, and hence, galactic level. July is the warm up. We are getting loose, limber, and agile.

Come Leo season in August, we ponce with jaguar medicine and unleash the wild power of big cat energy. With razorlike precision, and a fierce and irreversible decisiveness, our sharp claws swipe away anything that does not support our passionate pursuit of our soul purpose for this Earth Walk.

It. Is. LIT.

Reporting live,