New Moon in Pisces + Uranus in Taurus

The cosmic energy gets interesting this month with the New Moon in Pisces arriving on March 6th at 8:03am PT. This is the last new moon before the start of the next astrological year. The moon and sun will be in Pisces, the last, and what is considered the wisest, sign of the zodiac. Pisces encapsulates the lessons of all eleven previous zodiac signs. There is a lot to unpack this Pisces season! Especially because there are two additional cosmic powerhouses at play. On March 5th, the day before the new moon, Mercury starts its first of three retrogrades this year. On the same day as the new moon, Uranus shifts into Taurus.

Spending approximately 8 years in each sign, Uranus starts a new cycle in Taurus that lasts until 2026. Uranus’s arrival into Taurus shocks the life force back into an area of decay in our lives. This planet plays the role of disruptor in our lives in order to energize and to move things along, so that nothing blocks the flow of energy in any state of affairs. Whatever area of your life you have been sleeping on, Uranus will jolt your ass awake. It is not always fun, but it is needed.

We all have places that we ignore, because at a deep level we do not think the situation will ever change. We have accepted this limited state of being for so long, it has become comfortable to us. Uranus, the planet of change and creative chaos, clapbacks us awake with its salty unpredictability, in order to propel us with its future forward energy. It has no remorse or compassion, it simply asserts the dynamism of life over a slow, stagnant death.

Uranus’s domain includes new beliefs, innovation, and individuality. It truly is, expect the unexpected with this planet. Uranus spotlights where we will fly our freak flags and insist on doing things in our own unique ways. With the new life force that Uranus blasts, comes expanded beliefs of who we are, what we are capable of, and what we are here to do. Grit polishes our rough spots so that they become smooth and shiny. We are being cosmically honed into our unique light signatures so that we can express them through the physical realm. All that change we have been working on internally is finally manifesting in the external world.

The second cosmic powerhouse influencing March’s new moon is Mercury retrograde, lasting from March 5-28th. I have always advocated for this much feared and misunderstood astrological transit. There are lessons in everything, and Mercury retrograde is a treasure trove of lessons if we are grounded enough to receive them. Mercury rules communication, coordination, processes, and analyzation. So, when this planet retrogrades, all that gets jumbled and clogged. Frustrating indeed, and misunderstandings and crossed wires are more likely to happen during Mercury retrograde, but what we learn is to push pause, rewind, redo, revise.

Under such murkey circumstances, it is best to make sure, and then make sure again, that what you are communicating outwardly is clear in delivery, and aligned to your personal truth inwardly. Pull back and do not communicate as much. Speak only when asked directly for your thoughts and opinions. Mercury retrograde is the time to recalibrate your frequency to ensure that the messages you are sending, verbally and energetically, match your upgraded self.

It is wise then, to take time during this new moon in Pisces to retreat into your internal world. Get like a Pisces, get quiet, be still, stay in silence. Create the opportunity to hear what your intuition is telling you. Your gut knows. Your heart knows. And neither one will lead you astray. You are the oracle. With Spring Equinox quickly approaching on March 20th, we are all preparing for the next steps to take on our journey. We are in the moment right before the new sprout pushes forth, and breaks through the dirt to reach sunlight. The last moments in darkness where everything is still coming together and taking form.

This is the most mystical moment to plant seeds of upgrade to set the tone for the new cycle. Upgrade your thinking and belief system in regards to attaining your wildest dreams. Know you are here to fulfill your soul’s purpose, and that you are the only one qualified to do so. Only you have the tools and talents to express your unique light signature. That is your soul’s purpose in this incarnation. Come spring, we all come out from our hibernation caves to swim in fresh new waters.

Reporting live,