New Moon in Aquarius + Lunar New Year

Feliz Lunar New Year, All! According to the lunar calendar, the new year starts on the second new moon after the winter solstice. This gives the new moon in Aquarius arriving on February 4th at 1:04pm PT, a clean slate energy. Especially since, the last new moon was coupled with a solar eclipse, and eclipse energies tend to dominate with their intensity.

This week’s new moon in Aquarius is the fresh start energy we have been warming up to since 2019 began. Aquarius, the intellectual water-bearer, brings his cool and collected energy so that we may refine our dreams into clear and concise visions. Aquarius helps us to be innovative about our tactics and resources, and gives us the confidence boost needed to execute such innovations.

Currently, there are no planetary retrogrades, as all the planets are moving forward. This added bonus to an already encouraging cosmic flow, further blesses us with swift, forward moving energy. This month of February is an excellent time to put forth into practice the necessary new efforts, habits, focus, and active boundaries needed to build the solid foundation for your gloriously refined vision.

This lunar new year celebrates the Earth Pig. In Chinese culture, pigs symbolize wealth, abundance, and an easygoing approach. In this Pig year, actions speak louder than words and in doing what we say we are going to do, like completing projects and tasks, we will be rewarded with tangible results. Pigs are practical, loyal, earthy (like Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) and not afraid of a hands-on approach. So roll up them sleeves and be ready to get dirty and sweaty while doing all the necessary everyday work of building your dream!

Don’t worry though, pigs love good times, good food, and good friends, so we can expect everyday moments to bring us joy, contentment, and wonder. We can even tap into the wild boar energy of this Eastern astrological sign, and allow room for unexpected adventure, freshness, and time spent in the great outdoors.

One final energy I must include in this cosmic update is that of storm energy, the most transformational of the elemental forces. What exquisite displays of Mother Nature we are experiencing at this time. All over the world, yes, but let me report from my neck of the woods that is my valley. It has been storming all up and down the coast of California. Snowfall. Rainfall. Thunder. Lightning. Flood. Mudslide. Sinkhole. Is this exquisiteness extreme? Most definitely, yes. Healing is happening en masse.

Mother Earth is renewing herself and shedding some layers. I suggest we all do the same. Let the rivers flow abundantly and full without restraint. Let the rocks fall and the boulders crumble off your facade. Let the rich, thick mud slide off your skin to be washed down to the ocean.

Storm embodies the moment of creation and destruction in one. This destructive force is cleansing, as it moves through your life uprooting those creations that no longer serve and enabling new experiences and creations to take root. When Storm whirls into our lives, we are being blessed with a time of great change and growth. The growth that Storm brings is rarely easy. But this difficult cleansing of obsolete energies is crucial to gaining new levels of deeper understanding and growth. May we embrace the chaos that storm brings while trusting in the love, protection, and wisdom of the Universe to resettle us in the space that is for our highest good.

Reporting live,


*Storm energy message sourced from The Crystal Ally Cards by Naisha Ahsian