2019 + Eclipse Season in Capricorn

In 2019, we refuse to dim our lights for anyone ever again. Saturday, January 5th, welcomes a fresh new moon in this fresh new year. The new moon in Capricorn takes place at 5:28pm PT and it is also a partial solar eclipse. This kick off into the 2019-2020 eclipse cycle makes it a powerful time to plant new seeds for areas in your life you want transformed. Eclipses be wild, so be ready for utter and complete transformation in the most unexpected ways possible.

Eclipse portals are akin to taking a ride on a wild beast, bare-back, naked, and free. We are to let go AF. Release any structures, habits, thoughts, behaviors, stories, people, and places that dim your light and keep you hidden and small. It is time to embrace our wild hearts and set ourselves free! Like the fabulous Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, we are unabashedly dancing our way to freedom in 2019.

2019 won’t be an all night disco though. Not only are the sun and new moon currently in Capricorn, but it is a whole year of Capricorn energy! Working in 6 months cycles, we have THREE eclipses in Capricorn this year (Jan. 5th, July 16th, Dec. 25th). Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the stern but fair, task master of the universe. Capricorns work, work, work, work. We will have to work for this utter and complete transformation in our lives. Saturn is here to teach us self discipline, not our favorite subject perhaps, but an important ally in fulfilling our divine destinies.

For we must do our part in the co-creation process with the universe. We make quiet time to connect to the divine in order to receive guidance. We take inspired actions and risks. We are disciplined, organized, and strategized. We utilize Saturn’s energy to do the earthly work of manifesting into material form.

A great crystal ally that supports the self discipline needed now is fluorite. Fluorite not only encourages reception of higher guidance and information, but aids in its retention, organization, and utilization as well. Fluorite effects the brain directly, reordering it and allowing for the information and insight that one attained in the higher realms to be applied to one’s Earth plane experiences. Carrying or meditating with a piece of fluorite will help clear the energy pathways of the body and facilitate the integration of the Light body with the physical self. Fluorite helps us to be beacons of divine light, all the while keeping us grounded and connected to the Earth plane.*

Everything leading up to and through 2018 has prepared us to be spiritual warriors. We are stronger in purpose, vision, and heart. We are focused, never not once, taking our eyes off the divine prize. Our hearts were torn further open by 2018, allowing for expansion in our ability to hold not only more, but all at once. We have range, expansive and beyond that which we were existing in before. When it is time, 2019 & 2020, will give us plenty of opportunity to demonstrate and explore this new range. Just how far will it go?

Our arrows mounted on our bows have been pulled so far back into our karmic past lives, that the new energy opening up to us will launch our arrows with force, velocity, and precision. So, aim high and aim far beyond your perceived limits. These arrows are headed into the realm of impossibility and they will not miss the target. The dream is made into reality in 2019.

We go dark to bring forth light. We shine brightly so others can find their way. We are lighthouses.

Reporting live,


*Fluorite crystal ally message sourced from The Crystal Ally Cards by Naisha Ahsian