Venus Retrograde

Venus Retrograde Oct. 5 - Nov. 16

Every 18 months, the planet of Venus goes retrograde for 42 days, dipping below our horizon, into the underbelly of the shadowlands. Venus is the planet that rules relationships, self-worth, desires, and beauty. This retrograde cycle is especially touchy, as Venus is in the sign of Scorpio. As a water sign, Scorpio rules the dark and murky, gutter ways and swampy puddles, all the things we’d rather jump over, avoid, or evade our eyes from seeing altogether. The great balancing act of the cosmos only allow us to float above such filthiness for so long, before dragging us under so completely. After an action-packed year of planetary retrograde cycles, this Venus Retrograde is most acutely felt, precisely because it hits home, right into our raw, tender spots. And we all have areas that are raw and tender.

What is nuanced about this particular Venus Retrograde is we are feeling microaggressions within our most personal relationships. It is not only about what politicians can do on a large scale to a group of people, but it is about how these projections may be presented to us, wrapped in a bow and called love, by those closest to us. In our journey to be Heart Warriors, we are called to perform the surgical task of heart opening. To carefully inspect all that prevents us from approaching life with the big, open, vulnerable organ of our heart. And then, to delicately and precisely remove such blocks so the flow of love beats fully and fervently through our veins. As we expand in our ability to love, we simultaneously become more sensitive. The more love we hold within our hearts, the more difficult it is to be exposed to the absence of love.

We may reminisce about old lovers, jobs, and lifetimes, nostalgia pulling us back into the dreamy state of what we once had but now is absent. Venus Retrograde provides the opportunity for the alchemical transformation of past pain into present day naming of needs and boundaries. What needs healing may show up subtly, or as a category 4 hurricane. We are asked to allow the pain, joy, and frustration of the past to take up space to affirm for us just how far we have come.

At this month’s Women's Full Moon Circle, we will be performing spiritual surgery on any pain that blocks our expansion to hold more love, diminishes our sense of worthiness, and denies our humanity as multi-dimensional beings working to shift the dynamics of power from without to within. Please join me for the this powerful moon circle of healing, celebration, and transformation.

Reporting live,