Cosmic Update: Full Moon in Pisces + Summer Journeys

Greetings mighty siStars and Moonbeams!

This witch is back! For the past few moons, I have been on a journey within journeys into uncharted and deep inner worlds. Journeys inward are as revealing of old traumas and past lives, as they are a discovery of latent talents and psychic gifts. And, the high-voltage eclipses of this summer have been working their magic to ensure that the transformations taking place now, stick. Make no mistake, we are wrapping up a heavy karmic cycle this summer. We have been invited to dig even deeper into our deepest of wounds, healing not only for ourselves, but also for our past life selves, and for our ancestors in blood, spirit, and land. This time truly represents the last point in the cycle where one chapter closes, and a new one starts for each one of us.

We are still wrapping up Retrograde Season 2018, during which, up to six planets were retrograde at the same time. We were pulled backwards and further backwards, like an quivering arrow on a bow, held momentarily before the release into fast, forward motion. Retrogrades are times to carefully review and revise, as new information is being illuminated and revealed, so that you may assess your next direction, strategy, and target from the proverbial higher ground. Done properly, retrogrades gift a further re-clarification of self, beyond name, title, and physical body.

Inner journeys are tricky because they require quiet and solitude. External noise is perhaps the first thing to eliminate, and this can result in physical, intellectual, and emotional isolation. Spiritual isolation can be lonely, and loneliness is something we are invited to sit with when we tune into our soul. Then there is the internal noise, a bit harder to quiet down I’d say. But after some time, we recognize the voice that comes from fear and hurts, and eventually we tire of it and turn down the volume. The quieter you are, the more you can hear.

In the far off distance, you start to hear the drums beating rhythmically. We start to understand beyond language and words, a truth that delivers calm and peace where there was once doubt and fear. The more time spent in isolation, the drums grow louder and closer, as they are emanating from deep within our wild hearts. Such journeys to find authentic power within come with no maps or instruction manuals. It is truly uncharted territory. Going rogue is our best bet.

The Universe graces us with a cool and brilliant Full Moon in Pisces on August 26th, as salve for our tender hearts and crispy auras. This blazing hot summer brought accelerated soul growth and personal development. The Universe had to push us, it had to bring events and circumstances into our lives that were going to force us to notice the truth, and feel what was real inside the depths of our hearts. The time to blossom has finally come after a long journey through the depths of the soul. You are wiser, stronger, and more radiant now for the road you have traveled.

Under the dreamy spell of this full moon, we are intuitively integrating upgrades at the cellular level, so expect a burst of confidence and deep knowing, as you click into further alignment with your soul. Let the brilliance of this full moon be the beacon of light for the dark night of your soul. There is a protective and magical vibe to this full moon, so make sure to take a long moonbath outside and charge your crystals and magic tools overnight. You are going to want to soak up this high vibrational loving energy and enjoy it for as long as you can! Full moon blessings to all!

Reporting live,

Vega of the Valley