Cosmic Update: 2018 New Energies

Hello Houston, we have been earthed. The year is 2018 and we, on planet earth, are getting ready to hit our whole new stride in this fresh new year. It has been a gradual warming up to the new vibrations and new energy of 2018. Last week, on January 16th, the winter sky welcomed the first new moon and a new lunar cycle commenced with some major Capricorn energy. On that night, the new moon, plus 5 other celestial bodies, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Pluto, all resided in this determined goat sign to give us an earthy and grounded start to the year.

Whether you have been diving deep into the shadowlands and underworld, or beamed far out to another dimension and galaxy, the time has come to return to the physical middle world. Reemerge into the daylight, drop down into a safe landing. Return to your body, tap into the action inspiring energy that is building this month, and allow it to tingle up your spine. Place your bare feet directly onto Mother Earth and plug into her power source. This is the process of earthing. Bring the focus back to your body. Pay attention to the signs and messages your body is sending to you. Move your body, allow it pleasure, care for it, feed it well, and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

This Capricorn New Moon may be seen as the true harbinger of the calendar year, offering you an opportunity to ritualize your resolutions and recommit to your goals. To be clear, it will take the persistent hard work and discipline of a Capricorn to transmute the ashes of the old into the jetfuel feeding your rocket-rise phoenix flight. If you are not passionate about the goals you set for this year, you might as well tap out now. 2018 is the time for laying, brick by intentional brick, the foundation for all the new we are creating and calling forth. The passion driving the work, the WHY behind the new paths we are forging, is of utmost importance.

The moon is currently waxing in the night sky, building towards a powerful Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse taking place on January 31st. This mouthful of a full moon brings special cosmic punch, as the last one took place 150 years ago! A supermoon is when the moon is closest to earth, which means visibility will be high, and its energy will be more strongly felt. Blood moon is another name for a total lunar eclipse, which gives the moon a reddish glow. Blood moons are rare and the last one took place in 2014. A blue moon is when there is a second full moon in one month, which is also a rarity. This unique combination of lunar energies, plus the total eclipse, opens up a portal of transformation for the next 6 months.

Eclipses have 6 month cycles, so January’s lunar eclipse relates back to the Total Solar Eclipse of August 2017. Whatever was brewing for you then, personally, emotionally, spiritually, has been transforming your life and its lessons are coming to an end. You are to use this eclipse cycle to bring closure and resolution to those energies. Put it to rest, put it to bed. 2017 has been a deeply transformative year for many, and perhaps the months following the August 2017 eclipse have allowed things to move in a new direction for you. Honor the plot twists and your ability to swerve.

The January Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse is not only bringing closure to the last half of 2017, but it is going to activate a new energy we will be working with until the next round of eclipses in July and August of 2018. Spend some quiet time under this powerful full moon to sense what new energies are arriving for you. What areas of your life are lighting up for your attention, in need of healing and expansion? Full moons are a time for illumination, so allow information to be revealed to you. Stay open and receptive, and do not judge what the Universe unfolds for you. 2018 brings continued wild ride energies, so we must re-wild our spirits in order to catch this incoming cosmic wave. It will indeed be an exhilarating ride!

Reporting live from inside the barrel,


P.S. I am excited to announce that I will be expanding my services in 2018, which will include offerings in Los Angeles, Thousand Oaks, and Ojai! Please stayed tuned for more information on gatherings, workshops, experiences in nature, reiki healings, and expanded intuitive readings.