Cosmic Update: New Moon in Sagittarius

On Sunday, December 17th, we have a new moon in Sagittarius exact at 10:30pm PT. Including our beloved moon, there are 5 planets in the night sky currently residing in Sagittarius. With Venus, Saturn, Mercury, the sun, and the moon in Sagittarius, the universe is asking us to pay attention. Sagittarius is the truth seeker, getting down to the barebone core of an issue, revealing what lies within so that we may own our deepest truths. From these excavated truths, Sagittarius helps us build new visions born out of perhaps new beliefs, as many old and outdated beliefs are being shed, left to remain behind in 2017.

All this intense truth seeking does have a purpose. We are wrapping up a volatile 2017, which provided numerous plots twists that may have thrown us off center, off balance, and off our paths. This new moon is the time to retreat, to go within, in order to find the new footing from which we will be aiming our arrows towards the yet unknown territory of 2018. It is a time of stillness, as we are inching towards the darkest day of the year on Winter Solstice (December 21st), when the sun rebirths in the Northern Hemisphere.

I realize I am being Northern and Western hemisphere centric, as I am physically located within those realms. More specifically, I reside on the west coast of the United States in Ventura County in the golden state of California. For two weeks now, this magical part of Mother Earth, has been ravaged by what is quickly becoming the third largest wildfire in California history. It seems it is our turn to experience the life-changing effects of a natural disaster, and the Thomas Fire is delivering with its uncontainable wildness, ferocity, and annihilation. For many of us, 2017 is ending, literally, in ashes.

No doubt, the spirit of resilience and community is apparent and thriving, and has been since the first night the wildfire erupted, causing many to flee their homes with their loved ones, the clothes on their backs, and very little else. As much as there is a heaviness that hangs in the smoky, toxic air, there is also a tenderness and softness in the interactions between strangers that now share so much. We are in shock, not fully able to process the magnitude of how our lives have been changed by this wildfire. Homes have burned to the ground, local businesses are struggling to stay open, and we do not have clean air to breathe. We are all in the same boat together, rowing past the black hole that is the galactic center of our universe.

As above, so below.

This month’s new moon sits exactly in the middle of the Galactic Center. The Galactic Center is the center of our Milky Way galaxy, the dark black crack visible within the cluster of stars. When we travel through the Galactic Center, we enter into the mysterious void. We are in uncharted territory. Our safety is not guaranteed, and we are surrounded by risk on all sides. It is an adventure nonetheless, and it is during this passage, when so much is uncertain, that we receive unfiltered information direct from the universal womb. Be led by the North Star of your heart, and listen to your internal navigational wisdom. The insights and directions for what and how to build in the new life on the other side will come from within. We are our own saviors. We are own wise women and men. And we will rise from the ashes as such in profoundly new and transformed ways.

By healing ourselves, we heal the world. By bringing balance back to Mother Earth, we bring balance to the entire universe. We are not alone in these efforts. There is community above and below, and now is the time to heartfully connect on physical, spiritual, and cosmic levels so that we are lovingly held and supported through this passage. Ventura County stands strong and united, and we know our earthly and cosmic families stand with us. May all beings be safe, protected, and loved on this dark night of the universal soul.

Reporting live from the cosmos & Ventura County,