Cosmic Update: New Moon in Scorpio

As we traverse the shadowland that is Scorpio season, a new moon arrives on Saturday, November 18th at 3:42am PT, and pushes us deeper into uncharted territory. It is darker than it has ever been, and we are lost, stumbling around with the secrets and personal ghosts that haunt our souls. Magic and mystery hang heavy in the air. We are in the valley. Resist at your own risk.

Scorpio is born from the dark mystery of this void valley. Scorpio camps out on the shore of the smelly, shameful, murky waters. In fact, Scorpio gets in it, completely submerged, and rolls around until every crevice, crack, and opening is penetrated by filthy mud. Goddess bless Scorpio for its intensity, for it is in facing what we so avoid looking at, and attempting to heal those wounds, that develops our new muscles of resilience. We gather strength while in the valley, by transmuting the poison of pain into reclaimed personal power.

With both the sun and new moon in the sign of Scorpio on Saturday, we arrive at the pinnacle of rebirth energy for the year. 2017 brings the energy of new beginnings. We have lived through many a deaths and rebirths this past year. Under this special dark moon, we dive deeper than we have gone before to excavate the wounds that have been buried for generations. We go to places that were too tender to touch, until now. By turning the soil and exhuming the pain, we free up all the energy that was previously used to keep the wounds buried and contained so tightly. We reclaim this freed up energy, and transmute into the fuel that feeds our rise from the ashes, bursting forth as an immensely more powerful phoenix-self.

What’s Scorpio season without some sex, money, power play, and going deep? This newly reclaimed power does translate into sexual power. Kundalini energy is bursting forth from the sacral chakra, so tend this orange flame with enough oxygen for it to expand and snake up your spine. Move those hips, be in your body, writhe and wiggle like an enchanting snake charmer awakening the cobra serpent coiled at the base of ourselves. Embrace your sexual power fully and notice that it is growing, along with your creative powers, in manifesting a new life beyond the dark valley.

Be extra mindful of how you exchange sacred sexual energy during this month. Sexual energy is transmitted through voice, feelings, touch, and fluids, among other things, so be intentional of how and why you are sharing this energy, and especially with whom. Scorpio’s heightened effects may lead to damaging or confusing results in our sex lives if we, and our partners, are not grounded in authenticity during sexual energy exchange. When we are indeed grounded and clear in our new truths, we open further to the universal life force energy and allow it to flow through our body temples, rippling out as a multi-dimensional cosmic orgasm.

Dig deep to soar higher than you ever have before. Get sexy, for yourself, and blessed are those who are lucky enough to receive your generosity in the sharing of your divine sexuality.

New moon blessings to all!