Full Moon in Taurus Women's Circle: Nov. 3rd

​Dig deeper into your astrological birth chart and discover your moon sign + MORE! Join us on this journey of self discovery, as each magical woman gets a copy of their birth chart, and we delve into the hidden meaning of the moon, your rising sign, and other planets! The position of the sun, moon, and planets at the time of your birth reveal cosmic insights into your mystical multidimensional being!

Date, location & TIME of birth is needed!

Please refer to your birth certificate.

Friday, November 3rd at 7:30pm $25​

*Limited space available

Sacred Moon Women's Circle events are open to all self-identified women and we are a safe and friendly space for LGBT/Queer/Trans sisters.

Women's Circles

Since ancient times, women have gathered together to celebrate each other and the cycles of the moon. Women’s circles are a sacred space of rest, recharge, and reconnection to our bodies, inner wisdom, and nature. In our modern lives of work, responsibilities, and challenges, it becomes even more vital for women to gather to replenish and nourish themselves within a community of support and healing. Come with an open heart, share your story and radiant energy, and reawaken the divine feminine power within!