Cosmic Update: New Moon in Libra

October’s new moon in Libra, exact on Thursday, October 19th at 12:12pm (PT), comes with the much needed energy and lesson of balance. It also comes with some rather abrupt energy, so sudden and unexpected plot twists will continue as our stories further unfold for the rest of the year. Most likely though, these abrupt intrusions into our carefully planned days are here to help right the scales, and shed light onto the areas of our lives that are out of balance. This means relationships (romantic, familial, business) may need to be re-examined, negotiated for true reciprocity, or severed completely in order for you to maintain healthy balance in your life. This could also mean creating balance in your health and bodycare, finances, and work life. Most importantly, this new moon is a good time to go inward to cultivate balance within, for it is clear, balance and peace will not be found externally. During this time of chaotic magic, balance must be generated from within to keep us rooted and still as the storms rage without.

This year certainly does not disappoint in bringing big change to our lives. As each lunar cycle comes and goes, we are being drawn deeper and deeper into the transformative abyss that is 2017. When the scorching fire energy, that blazed all summer long, seemed to be all that we could bare, the wildfires in northern California erupted overnight and irrevocably changed the lives of thousands. Death began his rounds early in the year, and many of us are surprised by just how often and frequent he continues to touch our lives. It has been a year of unrelenting plot twists, both positive and negative, and all divinely orchestrated by the mysterious force of chaos. These are wild times, and they are here to stay. We are just beginning to understand how to live the shift that is happening personally, collectively, and universally. So, hold onto your pantalones and dig deep into your instinctual gut and prepare to rewild yourself for the alchemical process that is here!

Like two neutron stars spiraling towards each other, we are riding a gravitational wave towards an inevitable collision with our divine destiny. How did we not realize that, by setting into motion the process of making our wildest dreams our new reality, it meant having our old lives shattered with such velocity that parts of ourselves would cease to exist? And that through that great explosion, all our dark, shadow lead would be alchemized into brilliant shards of spiritual solid gold. We have died many deaths this year in as many varied ways.

Wise sage, Pema Chodron, says it best, “Only to the extent that we expose ourselves over and over to annihilation can that which is indestructible in us be found.”

As uncertain and harrowing as our cauldrons of transformation may be, trust in the core of your authentic self, for that is what is indestructible. The precious gold metal made by divine magic, our spiritual bling.

New moon blessings to all!