Cosmic Update: Full Moon in Pisces

Who’s got the FEELS? And I do mean the F-E-E-L-S. This month’s full moon in Pisces, exact on September 6th at 12:03am PDT, has been building all week, bringing bright light to our emotional bodies. Be it anger, loneliness, frustration, ants in your pants restlessness, fogginess, and confusion, or lightness, joy, ecstasy, enthusiasm, and clarity…we are feeling it all and feeling it hard! Welcome to the watery depths of Pisces, where we plunge into even deeper realms during this time of deep transformation. Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac, representing completions and endings. Whatever is coming up for you now, is coming up to be released once and for all. Since the new moon solar eclipse two weeks ago, the energies have been intense and their purpose has been to poke and prod us in those areas of our lives that are no longer comfortable for us to reside in any longer. Our go-to numbing ways of alcohol, drugs, food, binge TV watching, other people, and codependent relationships no longer work at masking the pain that is arising. The fact that these forms of escapism no longer bring us relief IS the relief. Remember, it doesn’t have to feel good for it to be good for you in the long run.

This is the post-eclipse adjustment period. The powerful effects of the last eclipse season will unfold over the next 6-months and beyond. Currently, we are in the initial phase of adjusting to the new programs and cosmic downloads, and learning how to embody them in our sacred temple. Be patient with yourself, your body, and with the timing of how things unfold and show up for you. It is a tender process and we must not rush to bypass any part of it just because it is uncomfortable.

Under this full moon, open that brave heart even wider to feel all of the Pisces flow coming through. Do not attach to any one emotion or thought, but let it rise, wash over you, and continue its flow out of you. Release through crying if needed, as tears are tiny baptisms for the soul. Shake your booty on a dance floor and release through movement and sweat if that is what your body is calling for now. Listen to your body. We are now learning to hear its wisdom, and honor its messages as sacred practice. Energies and timelines have shifted and our physical bodies are adjusting to maintaining higher vibrations, and to being vessels of increased light flow. It is an upgrade of your body’s bandwidth to anchor more light onto the physical plane. Big manifestations are coming through, and they are coming through YOU.

So allow this emotional full moon to bring to the surface any lingering old conditioning around self-doubt, victimhood, and brokenness. We are shifting into the new world of being healed, whole, and complete. And so it is. Reclaiming our personal power and stepping fully into our sovereignty as true creators of our reality requires of us to honor our emotions, one of our most potent superpowers!

It is wild times and it is a wild ride, and along with all this comes the wild grace of the divine feminine. In time, we will learn to effortless flow with the raging waters, and I dare say, eventually, we will release control with full surrender and full trust in our hearts. Our deep inner knowing is emerging from the watery depths, confirming that all is unfolding according to universal design and that we are one with that flow. True peace is relaxing into the safety net of the divine, and knowing we are exactly where we need to be, when we need to be, at all times.

Full moon in Pisces blessings to all!