Cosmic Update: Leo New Moon + Eclipse Portal

Welcome to Leo season and get ready to roar! This lunar month begins with a Leo New Moon on July 23rd, which grows into a full moon and partial lunar eclipse in Aquarius on August 7th, and ends with a new moon and total solar eclipse in Leo on August 21st. We have officially embarked into the eclipse portal, a cosmic twilight zone of deep transformation!

After a watery Cancer month of deep emotional release, we are left feeling a bit raw and vulnerable. We released heavy burdens, precisely because they were heavy and keeping us stagnant. We let go, and accepted the sorrow and grief of endings. Yet, there is also a new strength that is emerging from the courage it took for us to face what was coming up to be purged. Most importantly, we are experiencing a new level of personal freedom from past patterns and limitations that kept us playing small for so long. We roar with the lions after finally ending a long-waging battle against our past, and freeing ourselves from what bound our souls and diminished our spirit. Liberation is ours.

We are now challenged to expand in our sovereignty and to shine brighter than we ever have before. Leo encourages us to step into our personal power and to boldly share more of our light with the world. We have asked for more, and so now we must hold more light in order for it to be reflected back to us. How we share more of our authentic selves with the world is up to us, and August is the time to find those stages and stride onto to them like the royalty that we are.

Through this alignment process, we welcome lightness of heart and foot as we step forward on the paths before us. Leo is about ferocity as much as it is about joy, light, and love. Leos know how to play. Now more than ever, the medicine we need is humor. We must make and take any opportunity we can to laugh at our situations and ourselves. Otherwise, we run the risk of getting way too serious. Life is serious, and it is also a ridiculous riot. Go see silly movies, challenge yourself to be funnier today than you were yesterday, and welcome joy everyday. This approach is not just so you can take a break from life, but joy is very real medicine, and ultimately the greatest tool we can use in making the impossible possible in these energetic times.

With the help of the eclipse portal, we are transforming rapidly and there will be mystery and surprises. Hold the intention to surprise yourself with your newfound confidence and super powers. Everything is being upgraded now and it begins with you!

New moon blessings to all!