Cosmic Update: Summer Solstice + New Moon in Cancer

On June 20th, we shifted into the new season of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Summer solstice marks the longest day of the year, the day that contains more light than any other. The long days and short nights of summer, remind us to embrace even more light, joy, and laughter into our lives. No doubt the first half of 2017 has been a doozy! But with summer, we enter into the second half of the year, and get ready, for this summer is a season of change. Up until now, 2017 has been an ebb and flow of intense cosmic energies that have had life-altering effects. Many of us have experienced major endings and completions of old cycles, and find ourselves in a whole new space, quite literally as physical relocations in home, career, and relationships were likely. It is like Universe came in with a sweeping hand to pick you up and drop you off in an entirely new place and direction. It may not be where you thought you would be or wanted to be, but it is where you need to be for this next phase. And once the dust settles, you will know this to be true in your heart.

So what do we do when we find ourselves in foreign lands, rubbed raw by all we had to endure and all we had to release to get here? We do the only thing we can. We laugh. We return to joy. We do our best to embody lightness of heart and foot as we stride forward into new territory. This ensures that we do not get too serious about ourselves and our paths. Our souls came to do this earth walk to experience the fullness of being human. Let us not rob ourselves of the joy that is available to us in every moment. We begin with everyday joy. We expand to allow joy into our days, everyday, even if heaviness and challenges are there. We no longer postpone joy to a later date, but like a warm summer day, we have longer periods of light and shorter periods of dark.

The new moon in Cancer on Friday, June 23rd marks the beginning of another 28-day lunar cycle. This new moon is also a supermoon, giving this new beginning an extra punch of NEW. New summer season with a new supermoon! So, you best believe it is a new YOU as well. We have all transformed greatly in the last two years, let alone the last six months. Take this time to get to know in what ways you are new. It’s been a time of expansion, and I dare say, many of us have powers now that we did not have before. Only by going into the darkness and shadow, and releasing old pain and trauma are the gold and fruits found. For taking that journey, we are being gifted with new psychic powers. Take the time to notice them and affirm them. Has your dream life been acting differently lately? Perhaps you are being introduced to lucid dreaming. Do your ears ring at a new pitch? Perhaps you are going through a vibrational adjustment to receive higher vibrational messages from other dimensions. Do you hear, smell, and sense with a more refined sensitivity? Perhaps your extra sensory perceptions have expanded out further. Do you know things to be true in a way that you can just feel it in your bones? Perhaps your intuition and instinct are flowing together as a dynamic duo, acting as your North Star guiding you with grace and ease towards your divine destiny. As we intentionally lay brick by brick our foundation in this new world, there is optimism in our hearts because we know what we are building now is meant to last.

Summer solstice and new moon blessings to all!