Cosmic Update: May Super New Moon, May 25th

We have a potent Super New Moon in the air sign of Gemini this Thursday, May 25th at 12:44pm PDT. The term “supermoon” is used when the moon is closest to the earth in a given orbit, and because of this close proximity, its energies are intensified and its effects are more deeply felt. Unlike regular new moons where the energy lasts for just a few days, the highly charged, intense, and life-altering energy of this new moon will be felt for four more weeks until the next new supermoon on June 24th.

This makes for an every potent time to work with the transformational energy of this lunar cycle. May’s Super New Moon heralds a time of new beginnings. The new world we have been gestating deep within our cosmic wombs is starting to materialize in physical form. It is now on the horizon, detectable by our heightened extra sensory powers. We sense this new world is closer to us than ever before. If you are feeling upheaval, loss, and chaos swirling around and within you, then all those changes you have been calling for are now afoot. Old systems and limiting patterns that we have been operating under are crumbling away. Although it can be intense for these long-held, yet now outdated, comfort zones to evaporate before our eyes, this transformation is exactly what we have been calling forth through our visions, dreams, and manifestations. We are birthing our new realities, and through that process we are rebirthing ourselves anew as well.

During this magical new moon, take the time to be alone. Get still, get quiet, and get to know the new creature you have become over these last 6 months of turmoil, change, and intensity. As the external energies around us have shifted tremendously, so have we internally. It is a whole new energetic playing field, and we are new, more expanded versions of ourselves. I dare say we even have new powers now that we were not able to access before. What we are manifesting now, and the way in which we manifest have shifted. So it is impertinent to go within and recalibrate to this new alignment. As we have shifted and transformed, so may have our visions and dreams. Goals set two years ago, or even just six months ago, may no longer match who we have evolved into in the present moment. You may not need to scrap a long held dream entirely, but the dream may need re-envisioning to match where and who you are today. As you allow yourself the room to grow and change, allow the same courtesy to your dreams.

The cosmos are stirring up some chaos that is evidently reflected within our personal, collective, political, national, and global lives. Chaos precedes great change, and we are in that energy now. Rather than going into a vibration of fear, it is more powerful to learn how to respect and dance with the flow of chaos. For it is within this energy that truly creative manifestations can come into physical form. Chaos creates the environment where the impossible can be made possible, much more so than when energies are stable and grounded. So release what is holding you back from trusting the flow of life and learn to dance with the ever-shifting energies that are upon us. It is sure to be a wild ride! Be prepared to get messy, feel wobbly as you try out your new powers, and expect some miracles…daily even.

Now more than ever, self-care is to be our top priority. We are in it for the long haul. What we are creating now has long lasting staying power, so very carefully and intentionally lay each brick that will be the foundation that supports your dreams. This is just the beginning, and the process will take time. The virtues the Universe is developing in us now are patience and trust. Just because what you want is not here now, does not mean it will never be here. Divine timing is the wisdom of Earth Mother, and if we listen and learn from her, she will provide everything we need for our journey, exactly when we need it, as she always has since the beginning of time.

New moon blessings to all!

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