Pink Full Moon Women's Circle, April 9th

Spring has sprung and new life is emerging all around us! New buds and blossoms abound in nature, as wildflowers bless us with their vibrant colors and abundance of life. As within, so without, means that internally, our heart seeds are cracking and new life is pushing its way up towards the light. After a long period of darkness for our souls, a fresh energy has arrived to help us nurture new manifestations in our lives.

Please join us during this month's full moon circle as we honor our reemergence from the journey into the underworld of winter. During this period of darkness, we fell apart, shed, and surrendered our old selves, and now, along with the glowing sun, we resurrect with new life. As divine vessels of life force energy, women powerfully rebirth not only ourselves anew each spring season, but we birth whole new worlds as the evolution of spirit on earth. This new dawn heralds the arrival of our dreams and visions into our physical reality. May we gather to collectively nurture the seedlings from our own hearts, and the hearts of all our fellow soul sisters.

It is my great honor and joy to hold safe space with this moon circle for wisdom sharing, connection, discussion, meditation, magic, and ritual. May we all honor our true beauty and brilliant light, and release all that prevents us from fully loving life in all its sacred mystery!

Sunday, April 9th at 7:30pm $25 *Limited space available Bodysattva Healing Arts Center 1414 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd., Suite 211, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

Sacred Moon Women's Circle events are open to all self-identified women and we are a safe and friendly space for LGBT/Queer/Trans sisters.

Women's Circles

Since ancient times, women have gathered together to celebrate each other and the cycles of the moon. Women’s circles are a sacred space of rest, recharge, and reconnection to our bodies, inner wisdom, and nature. In our modern lives of work, responsibilities, and challenges, it becomes even more vital for women to gather to replenish and nourish themselves within a community of support and healing. Come with an open heart, share your story and radiant energy, and reawaken the divine feminine power within!