Spring is here, and we are gathering to celebrate this new season and all the new life its energies bring forth! Please join me and sound healer, Methiah Rose, for an Elevated Sacred Cannabis Sound Bath for Spring Equinox!

We will be honoring the healing and uplifting medicine of the sacred cannabis plant. We will imbibe her medicine, meditate, journey through sound vibrations, and receive all that is needed through her wisdom, so that we may be prepared and inspired for the new life that is sprouting for each of us, individually and collectively.

Please dress comfortably, as we will be sitting and laying down on the floor for the sound bath. Please bring a yoga mat, tea mug, and journal.

Space is limited for this event. To reserve your spot, please send the $35 energy exchange via Venmo to @vegaofthevalley

Spring Equinox + New Moon in Aries

Sunday, March 22nd at 5pm

*Limited space available


Santa Barbara, CA

Pura Luna Women's Apothecary

2009 Chapala St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

This event is open to all self-identified women and we are a safe and friendly space for LGBT/Queer/Trans sisters.

Women's Circles

Since ancient times, women have gathered together to celebrate each other and the cycles of the moon. Women’s circles are a sacred space of rest, recharge, and reconnection to our bodies, inner wisdom, and nature. In our modern lives of work, responsibilities, and challenges, it becomes even more vital for women to gather to replenish and nourish themselves within a community of support and healing. Come with an open heart, share your story and radiant energy, and reawaken the divine feminine power within!